Wedding in Sälen

Make sure your wedding, one of the highlights of your life, is professionally and personally documented. We can help you make a wedding photography that can be anything from romantic and moodful to delicious and fun. A beautiful photo brings memories to life and gives you a wonderful sense of revival of your wedding day. In addition, we can help you process the finished product for everything from small shiny images to large posters, photo cards or slideshows.

This is how it looks like a wedding photography at Olnispagården one December afternoon ...


bröllop i sälen


We preferably photograph outdoor, both summer and winter months to get the best picture possible. During the winter it means we have to start quite early in the day, not later than at. 14.00 for the light to suffice. In the summer we do not have that problem, the light is almost enough 24 hours a day! If there is really bad weather, there is always a plan B with the indoor photography.

When it's cold it's true to have plenty of outerwear and proper shoes on your feet to go snow to the photo spot. It's important that you keep warm for as long as possible so that you look relaxed in the picture.

Also, keep in mind that flowers do not like cold. Your bridal bouquet adds a lot to the picture and it may be useful to think of having two sets of flowers or an "excerpt" of your regular bouquet as an illustration of the pictures.

For photography at a location other than Sälen, we would like to offer a quote.


bröllop i sälen

We usually work photographer + assistant for 100% attention on your wedding photography.