House or real estate

Creating selling images can be decisive for whether your property will receive attention and interested house buyers should look closer to your particular item. We can industry and operate on site and understand how we deal with each individual item. A small mountain cabin or a large business house requires different handling, but the very reason is that there should be good pictures with a selling feeling. Exaggerating reality is not the goal but making the object in the best possible days to do justice is important.

Photography and movies

When shooting, the house must be cleaned, personal items removed and all lamps and other fittings are working.

If you want to raise the rib something, you choose to make a simple styling. Then you get pictures that are a bit "warmer" and with a "home at" feeling which makes the item sell better.

To showcase your unique location of the house, we use a droner to get pictures from above. You can also choose to make a movie that presents the house interior.

Huset ovanifrån

Interior Photography

Photographing is done in the existing condition of the house. It must be unpacked and prepared as it should be normal.


  • Standard photography 2900 kr up to 100 sqm.
  • Aerial photographs 5-6 different angles 1800 kr (when filming)
  • Flight film about 60 sec 2900 kr
  • For larger items request quotation, all prices ex moms.
  • 11 kopia
  • 15 kopia
  • 20 kopia
  • 32x kopia
  • 33x kopia
  • 36 kopia
  • 40x kopia
  • 45x kopia
  • 46 kopia