Peter Ahlbin

Skiing photographer who spent the 80's in the French Alps and Chamonix. Now living in the ski resort Sälen, Dalarna, where he runs the family company Ahlbin's photo & advertising. Photographs, films and produces the most in the advertising / media industry. Burns to make "good pictures" in all modes. Summertime, we spend in Nerja, Spain and driving my Harley much as I can...

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Felicia Ahlbin

Felicia is grown up with a dad who is a photographer and has learned the photography from scratch. When she was educated in the media, she chose to focus on moving images and is now a talented filmmaker with both handheld and drones and has since 2010 driven the filming of the company. Weddings are a definite favorite among all the different assignments, but also interior pictures for house sale, portraits and animals belong to Felicias favorites.

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Maggie Ahlbin

Have great experience of the most! Problem solver, projector and unusually large social skills. Have run heir own restaurant, worked in hotel and service and now added civil wedding invigilators to heir resume. And so she is the one who keeps track of the others and manages most of the customer contacts.

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